Wedding service

We will briefly introduce you to the course of our cooperation on wedding projects in our flower studio.

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In our flower studio you can order:

  • wedding bouquet for the bride

  • corsage to the lapel for the groom

  • bouquet for witnesses bouquet for the bride, corsage into the lapelsy)

  • bouquets for wedding guests bouquets for parents, grandparents, myrtlesy)

  • bouquets for bridesmaids flowers, bracelets, headbands, cupcakesy)

  • flowers in hair

  • floral jewelry bracelets, rings, necklaces, earringse)

  • flower pillow for rings

  • we arrange flower decorations for cars on car hoods, mirrors, windows and handlesy)

  • photozone arrangement

Interior decoration:

  • ceremonial hall decoration

  • wedding table decoration including meeting schedule

  • flower arrangements, parterres, garlands, decorative material stones, pebbles, chiffon, tablecloth decorations and glassesy

  • exterior decoration

  • ceremonial place decoration

  • arrangements for ceremonial gates, tables, chairs, vases, bridges

  • we rent vases, bowls, cages, lanterns, torches, ceremonial gates, festive rugs, chairs, and tentsy

✅ We provide not only floral decorations.

Another services:

  • Presidium area design.

  • Ensuring the decoration of a sweet table, including desserts

  • Photo zone construction

  • Lounge zone design

  • Providing celebration decorations for:

  • Bachelor Party

  • Romantic photo shoot LOVE STORYY

  • Wedding photo shoot

  • Photo shoot before the wedding in the morning of the bridey)


  • Wedding invitation design

  • Order of business, schedule card with names and table numbersů

  • Wedding logo design

✅ After ordering the services you have selected, 3 design variants are created without printing costs. The final price will be calculated after selecting one variant.

Wedding accessories:

  • Wish book

  • Wedding garter

  • Ring cushions

  • Box for monetary gifts

Without a wedding bouquet, the wedding will not break out.

You can imagine the bride walking down the decorated alley to the altar without a rich wedding bouquet. We do not, and that is why in our online florist Freja we offer wedding bouquets. After all, a wedding bouquet of roses or other flowers will decorate a beautiful bride better than jewelry. In addition, a wedding bouquet is important for the most common wedding habit of throwing a wedding bouquet. All unmarried friends and relatives of the bride will get their money's worth..


How to choose wedding bouquets?

The choice of a wedding bouquet should not take place in a hurry, on the contrary, it is good to take your time. You should even choose a wedding bouquet at a time when you already have at least a minimal idea of the wedding outfit of the bride and groom. The wedding bouquet should only complement it beautifully. It should match not only the bride's dress, but also the decoration of the lapel of the groom's jacket.
The bride should have the wedding puffet composed of flowers to which she has a positive relationship and which smells to her. The choice of a wedding bouquet must be given increased importance. After all, it will appear on all your wedding photos and will also accompany you throughout the long wedding day. That is, at least until you, as a bride, throw her into the crowd of your bridesmaid, greedy, single friends. By the way, we are no longer responsible for the beauty of the wedding bouquet after this discipline. But until then, beautiful will last you.

Wedding bouquets of roses or other flowers?

A wedding bouquet of roses is very popular. No wonder, roses are queens of flowers, they look good, they smell wonderful. Thanks to their stability, they are also ideal for wedding bouquets. Of course, you don't have to have a wedding bouquet just made of roses, but beautiful flowers to add beautiful flowers.

You can choose a wedding bouquet within our wedding service.

And because a wedding bouquet is not the only decoration of the wedding day, you can arrange it with us as part of our wedding service. We arrange not only wedding bouquets for the bride, but also corset in the lapel for the groom. We also do not forget bouquets for witnesses and bouquets for wedding guests.
They will add a touch of flowers and flowers to your wedding, we will also decorate a pillow with rings with flowers, and floral decorations for cars must not be missing either.