Inflating balloons

Nafukování balónků -

Cheer up your loved ones with inflatable balloons!

A bouquet of fragrant flowers will please almost everyone who is gifted, but sometimes it does not express enough of all the emotions you wish to convey. That is why the Freja online florist now also offers unique gifts in the form of helium-filled inflatable balloons, which can be ordered together with flowers.

Unleash your imagination

You feel that inflatable balloons are a little too childish on the contrary! They are a great way to improve someone's day. Just looking at them conjures a smile on many people's faces. It goes well with almost every occasion. They can be sent together with the flower for the anniversary of the marriage, for the holiday and birthday, as a gift for the successful completion of studies, as congratulations on the birth of a baby, or just for fun..

You can also underline your message by choosing the balloon itself. The Freja internet florist offers several variants of balloons available in various colors, materials and shapes. It's up to you whether you reach for classic metallic or pastel balloons, modern silver balloons, or maybe those in love that have a heart shape..

Distribute joy with a few clicks

Our website works completely intuitively. From the clear offer of flowers, you choose the one that best suits your ideas, put it in a virtual basket and pay. Or so it has worked so far. You don't have to end up choosing a pugeta, because there are other gifts available that can enrich your shipment..

You can choose inflatable balloons as easily as a bouquet. In the relevant category, thanks to high-quality photographs, you simply choose the ones that will suit you best for your flower order. You can easily choose more species, there are no limits to your imagination. Before confirming your purchase, just indicate how many inflatable balloons you want. Then there is nothing left but to wait for your shipment to arrive at its destination.

As soon as you send and pay for the order, you will start a quick process of its processing. The skilled florists who work in the Freja shop will create fresh flowers from exactly the bouquet you ordered. Meanwhile, other employees prepare balloons and inflate them with helium to float. The shipment will then be picked up by a courier who will deliver it anywhere in Prague. The advantage is that we do not charge anything for the delivery of the shipment!

Choose balloons