Flowers delivery

Doručení květin po Praze -

We attach a free greeting card to each order, on which you can write your text in the box in the order.

Shipping Your bouquet to the address at the exact time is free for orders over 2000, - CZK, for purchases for a smaller amount the price of delivery is 150, - CZK.

✅ Delivery outside Prague can be solved individually.

We deliver flowers around Prague and its surroundings. If you need help with selection or advice, call or write to us.


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Flower delivery in Prague hides romance and a certain dose of surprise..

You know that the flower delivery service is considered by more than 80 women to be very romantic. It's so simple, yet brilliant. Flower delivery is a way to show romance, say what you have on your heart and surprise you at the same time. With a rich bouquet of roses, gentlemen will iron any peel.oup.

Flowers with delivery to Prague go against love.

Flowers with delivery to Prague are an opportunity to go in love with love every day and on the weekend. There is nothing easier than to hide thousands of words and a horde of emotions in a beautiful bouquet of red roses. So don't encrypt your apology in text messages, decrypt it with a fragrant puffet of various flowers. Flower delivery in Prague will ensure that you are never far away for bouquets of flowers..

Flowers for delivery blur the distance.

You choose the flowers to be delivered, you call us and we will deliver them for you anywhere. Flower delivery will allow you to be in contact with your loved one other than by phone or text messages. Flowers with delivery to Prague blur the distance. Call us from Africa, for example, and we will deliver a beautiful bouquet of flowers to your partner who stayed in Prague. Wipe the distance and through the flower delivery in Prague show her how much you think of her, regardless of the kilometers. You can send the flowers not only home, but also to work.

Flower delivery Prague can promise a big surprise.

You know how flower delivery fascinates us every day. We like the surprised looks of the women to whom we pass on your flowers. In most cases, they do not expect this at all. They are all the happier with the flowers and the message in the puget. If you bet on our flower delivery service, in addition to a beautiful bouquet of flowers, we can promise you a big surprise for the one you love..
So be a romance, express your feelings, reassure your partner of boundless love for her, invite her on a date with a bouquet of flowers, iron an argument, have a flower puff sent to her grandmother. Who you leave flowers to is your business. Flower delivery is ours again.

Flower delivery hides a certain romance. You will not miss a suitable moment with us.